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e-Snapped is an e-invoicing PaaS that doubles as a payment page. In any kind of business that uses invoicing as their payment process, the experience for both the business and its customers can be annoying. E-Snapped was designed to address the problems of both sides of the process simultaneously. Now, the once manual cycle of sending an invoice to a customer and waiting for their payment can entirely be done online.

How it works?

As simple as 4-step process as describe below.

Process Flow


Create and customize your customer's bill using the e-Snapped Invoice Creator

2. SEND.

Send the Invoice to your customer's e-mail automatically.


Get Paid using preset Payment Options once your client receives the Invoice


Manage all your invoices and payments in the e-Snapped Dashboard

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The strength of e-Snapped lies beyond your current market reach. Equipped with 400+ connections to Payment Methods around the world, e-Snapped not only gets you paid instantly, it gets you paid GLOBALLY!

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